Nico Bernhardt“Oh yes it had to be the drums! Why? Because of what one can contribute to music. May it be a solid backbeat, cool grooving, supportive musical articulation or even neck breaking soloing! A good drummer can make music happen and propel a band!”

That said, Nico Bernhardt, born 1967, a Vienna native, started playing the drums in 1978 and from then on steady cultivated a great passion for his drumming! He played with a lot of famous Austrian acts such as Hallucination Company, Hansi Lang, Andy Baum, Günther MO Mokesch, Boris Bukowski and Stefanie Werger, just to name a few.

Having a solid foundation in rock music, Nico now is the drummer for Diamond Jacks!

Long live rock ‘n’ roll and may the groove be with you!

– ♦ –