Martin SobotnikMartin Sobotnik was born in Vienna in 1967. At the age of 12 years he experienced new rock music from KISS, QUEEN and – VAN HALEN (and not to forget Star Wars)!

This was the moment, when the urge for electric guitars started – and never went away again. Influenced by the magnificent talents of Eddie Van Halen, Richie Blackmore, Jimmy Page and many more, it always had to be the lead guitar. No singing. No acoustic guitars. Period.

Martin wrote original material and played live with many bands such as Mangroove, Obelix´Revenge, Twoface as well as famous Austrian heavy metal pioneers BLIND PETITION (on the road since 1975).

Together with Robert Mueller, Martin is also part of ROCK GENERATION, the only top 80´s melodic rock tribute band in Austria.

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